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Outsmarted by the virus

How can such a small organism be so much smarter than we are? Answer: It seems to know just how stupid the human race can be.

I think it understands the concept of divide and conquer. We are a country of tribes now. Each tribe (Republican, Democratic, LGBTQ, Black/white, rich, poor and many others) can’t agree on anything. To mask or not to mask, to get the vaccine or not, fits right into this pesky little virus’ plan to slowly bring us to our knees.

It wants to live and destroy us one by one. The funny thing is, we have been doing that for a long time, even without the virus.

David Winslow


Critical race theory question

The woke assault on society is now in high gear. I suppose we can all tolerate gender-neutral pronouns and virtue-signaling maskers, but we need to draw the line on “systemic racism” and now its treatise, critical race theory.

Let’s cut right to the chase on this blight. Pick your analogy, Trojan horse or wolf in sheep’s clothing. I believe CRT is not what its proponents say it is. Their argument goes like this: Our children must know our country’s history. At the onset of colonization, our settler forefathers participated in the wicked practice of slavery. History must acknowledge this wrong.

All reasonable people can agree with this premise, but the woke proponents don’t stop at this historical acknowledgement. They use this premise to blatantly devolve into the theory of monomania — that racism has been systemic ever since. It is damning, inescapable, and like all the original white slavers, all white people are racists.

Perhaps high school and university students have the reasoning capability and life experience to question the racist extension of the CRT premise, but grammar school children do not. Young minds are, understandably, incapable of applying historical nuance to this insidious racist claim. I think they will simply be taught (brainwashed) that one’s value or worth is strictly a matter of skin color — preeminently, white children are bad — i.e. racists.

It is adherence to theories such as this that empower the woke folk of today to justify the false claim that all of America is steeped in systemic racism. I conclude with a plea to parents of young children. Before school starts this fall, parents should call their school superintendent and ask for a straightforward answer to this question: Will CRT be part of my child’s curriculum?  

Doc Wallace

Former school superintendent


Climate solutions that help all Americans

Of all the twists the year has brought, a rush of billionaires to escape to space can’t have been what anyone expected next. While this is a bit of hyperbole, seeing the  recent extraterrestrial ambitions of Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk raises questions about the future of tourism for the ultra-wealthy, as well as their actions as a whole.

The average person has an  annual carbon footprint of around 5 tons, a number that increases to around 15 tons for U.S. citizens. With this in mind, we look at Musk with a footprint estimated over 2,000 tons, Bill Gates estimated at over 7,000 tons, or Russian businessman Roman Abramovich with an estimate of upwards of  30,000 tons annually. How can an individual justify having an effect thousands of times that of the rest of us?

The effects of climate change promise to disproportionately affect the poor, while being caused by the wealthy, meaning that effective climate action must not only address environmental issues, but also balance who bears the burden of that action. A carbon fee and dividend structure, as outlined in the Energy Innovation Act ( H.R. 2307), does this, holding the wealthy responsible for their interstellar escapades, while 61 percent of American households, mostly those of lower income, would receive money in hand.

It is imperative that effective and equitable climate action begins now, and legislation such as H.R. 2307 promises to be just that. We must push Congress to prioritize climate solutions and work towards solutions that help all Americans.

Luke Bartol