AUGUSTA — The SBA is pleased to celebrate the importance of farmers and farmer’s markets by participating in local farmer’s markets in Augusta on Aug. 3 and in Damariscotta on Aug. 6.

“I am delighted to participate in this week’s events, which celebrate the hard work of our local farmers and farmer’s markets, and the benefits they provide to our local citizens. The SBA is committed to assisting small business of all types, and events like these underscore that by working together, small businesses grow, consumers benefit, and we can create a healthier environment,” said Diane Sturgeon, SBA district director for Maine, who will be visiting the Farmer’s Market in Damariscotta.

Jimmy Cesario-Debiasi, director of programs for Maine Federation of Farmer’s Markets, said,  “Farmers’ markets in Maine are community hubs, small business incubators, and economic drivers for small farms and their communities. Farmers’ markets feature high quality food and feature an amazing diversity of food from skilled farmers and food entrepreneurs. We encourage Mainers and visitors alike to visit and support our local farmers’ markets. This helps support local economies to thrive, creates a healthier environment, and happier, healthier people.”