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Nordic’s arguments don’t hold up

In Abigail Curtis’ Aug. 4 BDN piece on the Belfast City Council’s plan to take disputed intertidal land by eminent domain so Nordic Aquafarms can lay pipe through it, City Councilman Neal Harkness says: “In the last week I’ve been called a Nazi, a criminal, a corporate stooge.”

Nordic proponents often claim such verbal abuse, but I’ve never seen them offer evidence. Absent such evidence, it is a disservice to report such claims, which further divide an already divided Belfast.

The article says “the proposed salmon farm also would bring tax revenue and new jobs to the

city.” But I believe Nordic has regularly inflated its jobs number, with no explanation. And many Nordic jobs would go to outsiders, as we locals don’t have the needed expertise.

Nordic would minimize its taxes by, among other things, incorporating in Delaware, where it has no operations, and by participating in the Pine Tree Development Zone, a state tax giveaway. Nordic would receive taxpayer freebies such as half its dechlorination costs, something Belfast doesn’t give Marshall Wharf Brewing Company, a longstanding Belfast taxpayer that actually does create jobs.

Both Nordic arguments, jobs and taxes, are also undercut by the threat to local fisheries and

lobstering posed by Nordic’s annual wastewater discharge of 2.8 billion gallons. That and Nordic’s destruction of 56 acres of wetlands, wildlife habitat and mature forest right next to the Little River Trail all threaten local tourism, all of which threatens local jobs and tax revenues.

Lawrence Reichard


Medical freedom

A family member will be a freshman at a Maine college, a college that has mandated the COVID vaccine. She does not want this injection and is very upset. Maine passed a law removing philosophical and religious exemptions, leaving her no freedom to opt out. The college announced the mandate after its enrollment deadline leaving many students in this terrible situation.

When we choose to have a medical intervention, we must weigh its risks against the disease risks. Given the data for people 20 years and under, I believe the COVID injection is all risk and no benefit. Even worse, the COVID vaccines used in the U.S.  have not been fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are still in the emergency use  phase.

My family member was valedictorian and wishes to practice medicine. She will likely be withdrawing from school to pursue education in a state that values medical freedom. Maine talks about its inability to attract young people, especially professionals. Maine will not only lose this promising young lady, it will lose the family she will have in the future. And I imagine there are many more like her.

Donna Dodge


Belfast problems

Interesting that back along Belfast  rejected Walmart and others plus stifled local developers with onerous regulations. Today we have one grocery store that seems to be easily overwhelmed, probably due to labor issues.

Now, Belfast very badly wants a foreign-owned land based fish farm. Go figure!

Joe Lucey