Thank our outstanding police officers

We may have to bring back the draft. No, I am not talking for military personnel but for police officers. We are  running out of those who keep our streets safe. The demonization of police officers has them walking away from the job in unprecedented numbers. Departments across the state, and across the country, are reporting shortages.

The fallout of this major police exodus has been  exploding crime rates in some places. Some Democratic politicians who call for defunding the police enjoy their own personal security details. Progressive Democratic Rep. Cory Bush has spent $70,000 on private security while arguing the loudest for defunding the police. Can people say hypocritical?

This is just the beginning of a major crisis. We frequently hear of officers being attacked or murdered. Routine traffic stops are not so routine.

I think everyone knows somebody in law enforcement, family members or friends. We are blessed to live in this state. We are not suffering with what plagues major cities. We owe that to our outstanding police officers. Take a moment to thank them for keeping us safe.

Terry Shortt


Profiting from our resources

Sometimes Maine seems like a third world country to me. A multi-national company is removing spring water and exporting it in plastic bottles around the world. Other foreign-owned companies want to cut up some of the north woods so they can sell power largely out-of-state. In Belfast, a Norwegian company wants to use our fresh water and dump wastewater into our bay. All want to make a profit from our resource and take it home.

In third world countries, we say this happens because the local politicians are corrupt. So what do we call it when our local leaders will do anything so a fish factory can have what they want? Oh! I forgot Maine is a third world country, so give them whatever they want. And don’t forget to thank them.

Richard Deforge


Fighting this war together

As COVID-19 numbers continue to grow again, and hospitals in some states are  overwhelmed, I find myself getting more and more angry and disappointed at the willful ignorance of some of our countrymen.

We’ve fought wars together, ignoring racial, religious and political differences, focusing on one thing: beating the enemy. Yet here at home, we stand by and watch  hundreds of thousands of our countrymen, women and children, die.

Roughly 30 percent of our population have believed the lies coming from elected officials who have turned this disease into political theatre. I believe it is the arrogance of state governors from Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana and Alabama — all Republicans — who have the audacity to downplay this dangerous new strain, while hospitals in their states fill to capacity, and once again put our front line workers at risk.

This disease should have been in our rear view mirror months ago, and yet, in spite of all the growing number of casualties, it is this 30 percent who continue to keep this pandemic growing. We have three quality vaccines available to save people’s lives, and yet some continue to avoid doing their part, to help fight this enemy.

Doug Davis