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Fight hunger at home

Our ancestors fought at Bunker Hill. Scared to death, but they fought for something in which they believed.

Revolutions don’t begin at the top. The Taliban knows this well. The leaders of the revolution in North Vietnam knew it well. Chairman Mao knew it well in China.

We didn’t learn a thing in Vietnam. Except how to back the wrong people: our puppets.

The redcoats made the same mistake in 1776. They had a navy, a professional army, and wealth. And they lost.

We were on the right track with the Peace Corps. Feed the people. Be one with them. Listen to them. Dignify them. And get out of their way.

When we drop bombs, children die. The old folk song goes, “When will we ever learn?” We haven’t learned a thing.

As a GI in Germany, I once went on TDY (temporary duty) at a small base. “Watch out for that chained German shepherd,” a fellow GI told me as I stepped out of the chopper. “He bit a general. The general told us, ‘Shoot that dog.’ We changed his name,” he said with a smile.

It’s time to change the name of the game.

Bread and rice are still cheaper than bombs. There is hunger to attend to at home.

Richard C. Hoyt


Requiring vaccines for health care workers

I’m pleased to know that Gov. Janet Mills is  requiring vaccines for health care workers. But I am also shocked that health care workers and the facilities that employ them have not required vaccines already! You would think that intelligent people who’ve had a medical, science-based education understand how viruses spread and understand the importance of protecting their vulnerable patients.

I would be ashamed to say that I was a healthcare worker who apparently doesn’t understand the disease, or who doesn’t care! I assumed that hospitals and healthcare facilities were protecting me and my family members. Boy, was I mistaken!

Thank you to Mills for finally making it clear that many of us do not want to be near unvaccinated people, anywhere! Especially when we are seeking health care. How many unsuspecting people have been infected by these defiant employees who don’t seem to understand basic science? Thank you from everyone who wants to avoid COVID-19.

Lisa Colburn


Unmasked shoppers

Imagine my dismay today at the local supermarket filling up with way too many unmasked shoppers. I checked the tightness of my mask and tried to avoid aisles with the unmasked (who apparently love to travel in large groups so no one can pass safely or distance themselves ). But I was unprepared for and angered by parents toting several of their unmasked children.

With children being easy targets for the delta variant, and more children in hospital because of it, I was especially put out because the smallest (clearly not vaccine-ready at about two years old) constantly coughed and coughed and coughed. She was heard aisles away!  

If I don’t hear from contact tracers about a spike in infection here, I will count myself lucky, thank my mask and be grateful for the extra steps added to get away from those who seem to care only about their own.

Vivienne Lenk    

Beaver Cove