The beginning of the school year is rapidly approaching. For parents of children who are returning to school after last year’s remote learning, getting back into the groove of preparing a packed lunch can be stressful and challenging.

The best packed lunches keep well at room temperature, can be eaten hot or cold and are — most importantly — delicious. These 6 recipes make preparing school lunch a little easier.

Barbecue roast beef wraps

Barbecue Roast Beef Wrap Credit: Sarah Walker Caron / BDN

This quick and easy barbecue roast beef wrap recipe combines creamy deli American cheese with roast beef, barbecue sauce and green bell peppers for a saucy, crunchy, delicious wrap experience. All you have to do is layer the ingredients, wrap it up and secure it with toothpicks before cutting it in half and stuffing it in a lunchbox for your school-bound kids.

Greek salad pita

This Greek salad takes less than 10 minutes to pull together and is delicious spooned into pita bread for a quick and easy lunch. Take a little time out of your weekend to make this and you can have lunch ready to go for the week. Pack the salad in portioned containers when you make it with the pita separate so it doesn’t get soggy.

Lemony steak and veggie chopped salad with ramen

Lemony Steak Chopped Salad with Ramen Noodles Credit: Sarah Walker Caron / BDN

Ramen noodles and thinly sliced grilled steak mingle with juicy bits of cucumbers, crisp peppers, sweet tomatoes and corn and savory shallots are drizzled with fresh lemon juice and olive oil. This lemony steak and veggie chopped salad with ramen is delicious both warm and chilled, so it is perfect for packed lunches.

Lemon oregano pasta salad

This lemon oregano pasta salad comes together in less than 20 minutes. The pasta and broccoli cook together with it, and while it’s cooking, you can chop the veggies and whisk together the dressing. This is another salad that is great warm or chilled for kids on the go.

Sausage tomato and cheese kabobs

These sausage, tomato and cheese kabobs are delicious and nutritious packed lunches that are fun for kids to eat. With a lean protein, antioxidant-rich tomatoes and a touch of cheese, these are a nontraditional take on kabobs that can be enjoyed hot or cold. You can make them the night before for easy packing in the morning.

Why stop at your kids? These lunches are great for your own lunches if you are going back to work come fall.