Rick Noffsinger of Saint George, South Carolina, sent in this amazing trail camera photo of what appears to be an immature bald eagle snaring a gray squirrel with its talons. Credit: Courtesy of Rick Noffsinger

Editor’s note: Making bird identifications in photographs can be difficult. Some features are obscured and determining scale is challenging. A previous version of this story identified the raptor in the photo incorrectly. It is almost certainly a red-tailed hawk latching onto the squirrel, which are smaller in South Carolina than in Maine, reports BDN birding columnist Bob Duchesne, who wrote about the misidentification here.

Rick Noffsinger has been checking his trail cameras frequently of late.

He set them up more than a month ago, hoping to catch a glimpse of some bucks in the area where he hunts deer. The season began Sunday at his home in Saint George, South Carolina.

However, Noffsinger never could have imagined finding the image that he shared with us for today’s trail camera story.

On Aug. 9, Noffsinger’s camera captured this amazing photo of a red-tailed hawk that has just snared a gray squirrel in its talons.

“I capture unusual pictures on my cameras, but this was a rare picture,” he said.

Noffsinger, who said he has hunted his whole life, has lived in the South Carolina “low country” for eight years.

“I have two locations I hunt and both locations are beside swamp areas,” he said, explaining that he has seen raccoons, beavers, bobcats and fox among the animals in his hunting grounds.

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