PORTLAND — Are you ready to experience some community joy, great music and cultural art this Labor Day weekend?

Honoring all who labor and recognizing the difficult times we endure, we offer the joyful performance “Tales of Bells and Drums.”

Celebrating rich traditions of drum, dance, and song from Rwanda and Burundi, East Africa, and Guinea, West Africa, join us for an evening of intercultural community building with talented local artists from near and far! Family-friendly, educational, intercultural, spectacular entertainment through music, dance, and storytelling. See you there!

5:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 4 at the Merrill Auditorium, Portland. Tickets are available from PortTix.

‘Tales of Bells & Drums’ is organized by Ikirenga Cy’intore in collaboration with Batimbo United and New Moon Ensemble. 

Batimbo United is a group of artists from Burundi performing traditional drumming and dance. Located in Portland, Maine, with members all around the United States.

New Moon Ensemble, lead by Guinean master drummer Namory Keita, represents diverse ethnicities coming together around the love for traditional music and dance of Guinea. The ensemble builds community through intercultural collaboration and the healing power of music and dance.

Ikirenga Cy’intore is an organization in Maine that portrays the beauty of Rwandan Culture through traditional music and dance.

Recognizing the damage caused to humanity from COVID-19, including lost loved ones, lost jobs, and much uncertainty about how the pandemic will end, Tales of Bells & Drums is offered to restore hope and bring love and joy to our community. We encourage everyone to follow CDC guidelines, wear a mask and practice social distancing. Let’s keep each other safe and amplify love and care.