EASTON — Members of the Easton Fire Department, along with support from the Easton Board of Selectmen, are extremely pleased to announce the award of two grant requests from the Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program to the Easton Fire Department:

  • An award of $6,000 for the purchase of 16 individual face masks that have dual roles of protecting the firefighter during the use of the SCBA packs during exposure to environments immediately dangerous to life and health, as well as, the ability to attach a cartridge filter and be used in less lethal environments.
  • The following week, we were again notified by U.S. Susan Collins’ office that the Easton Fire Department was awarded $335,238.00 in federal funds to purchase a fire truck. This vehicle acquisition provides the Town of Easton the ability to provide the needed water, equipment, and firefighters to all emergencies within our service area in the timeliest, and safest possible response.

The Easton Fire Department members express great appreciation and gratitude to all of our congressional delegation who provided total support and testimony to help Easton Fire Department prove its need to FEMA. They have been there to help meet our needs with answers and direction throughout the process. Thanks and appreciation to our Board of Selectmen for providing their support and help. Thank you Department of Homeland Security FEMA and the Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program.