A whitetail doe and its fawn check out their surroundings in this close-up Down East trail camera photo taken this summer near the Dennys River. Credit: Courtesy of Jaime Harmon

Today’s trail camera offering proves an up-close look at a pair of Down East deer.

Jaime Harmon of Dennysville sent along the photo taken near the Dennys River, where wildlife abounds — at least judging from Jaime’s photo submissions, most of which have not been published.

In the July 13 photo, these healthy looking deer are looking in opposite directions, perhaps having heard some sounds in the adjacent woods.

The deer living near Harmon’s home almost certainly have to remain on guard against predators such as coyotes and bobcats, which also are patrolling the woods there.

Back in May, Jaime was kind enough to send along this photo of a coyote making its way up a trail. That, in addition to an upcoming shot of two coyotes on the hunt, prove they’re definitely living in the same vicinity.

For that reason, the deer in today’s photo certainly aren’t likely to let their guard down.

Many thanks to Jaime for her latest submission!

I’m guessing that many of you might have some awesome trail camera photos and videos from this summer (or any other time) that you might be willing to share. By all means, send them along.

Send them to outdoors@bangordailynews.com and tell us, “I consent to the BDN using my photo.” Some identities and towns of origin may be omitted to protect your privacy. If you are unable to view the photo or video mentioned in this story, go to bangordailynews.com.

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