In this June 2, 2021, file photo, Rep. Heidi Sampson, R-Alfred, wears a face shield during the first legislative session in the State House since the proceedings were moved to the more spacious Augusta Civic Center. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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Joseph M. Baldacci of Bangor represents District 9 in the Maine Senate. Other signatories to this letter are: Assistant Senate Majority Leader Matthea Daughtry, Senate District 24; Kyle Bailey, House District 27; Genevieve McDonald, House District 134; Allison Hepler, House District 53; Melanie Sachs, House District 48; Lynn Copeland, House District 14; Ann Matlack, House District 92; Suzanne Salisbury, House District 35; Amy Roeder, House District 125; Barb Wood, House District 38; and Kevin O’Connell, House District 128.

Dear Rep. Heidi Sampson,

I write to you in this matter to share with you my outrage and disgust, and that of my colleagues listed below, at the recent comments you have made and the seeming condoning of your comments by other members of your caucus.

Rep. Sampson, your recorded and hate filled diatribe comparing our governor and her sister to Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele is so wildly unacceptable and inappropriate that it needs to be called out and denounced by the House and Senate leadership and by members of both parties.

Your hate-filled comments were a dog whistle to impassioned and misguided supporters to consider the Governor not merely a political opponent but a war criminal. Not only does it stand the truth on its head, it is meant to stir more hate and the mob mentality that this thrives in; and it is the equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is no fire. It is an utter disrespect to Holocaust survivors, to the Jewish community in general and to all thinking people everywhere. It is a pathetic statement only designed to stir more hate and more falsehoods.

I respectfully request that, in order to respect the public, that deserves so much better than this circus and sideshow meant to hide your extremist views on most of the issues we face today, that you resign your seat in the House of Representatives. This is the least we can do to express our disapproval and our utter contempt for these hate filled attacks that go far beyond the pale of any normal political discourse.