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Collins’s hard work on infrastructure

Maine is lucky to have a strong, sensible leader like Sen. Susan Collins representing our interests in Congress. She has consistently proven that it is possible to reach across the aisle in order to accomplish big things for her constituents while addressing the issues that touch the lives of all Americans.

This has certainly been the case with all her hard work to craft a commonsense, bipartisan infrastructure framework this year. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investments & Jobs Act that Collins helped put together — and which the Biden administration supports — will help fund critical infrastructure projects in Maine communities to improve the quality of life for Mainers while positioning our economy, and our energy sector, for sustainable growth in the 21st Century.

We are already fortunate to have a strong presence for renewable and clean energy in our state, and this bipartisan legislative framework would help us continue to invest in developing these resources, including wind, solar and hydropower as part of our all-the-above energy strategy. I think Collins has always put aside politics to do what’s right for Maine, and this remains true for her efforts on infrastructure where she is working to modernize technologies and advance innovation to help build a more sustainable and successful future.

From one Mainer to another, thank you to Sen. Collins. Her work on infrastructure is not going unnoticed.

Tyler Washburn


Questions about COVID coverage

Why was the BDN’s large front page article from Aug. 28-29 “Firm in Their Decision,” with the picture of the woman who would not get vaccinated, not more clearly connected to the results of that “decision” in the smaller articles on that page? Those articles were “Maine ties record number of COVID-19 patients in ICU” and “Waldo, Piscataquis and Penobscot Counties current hot spots for virus in Maine”. Plus, there was no coverage on the impact on those of us who have been vaccinated who are now imprisoned at home again because we are scared of the unmasked and unvaccinated. I believe the unvaccinated’s demand for “freedom” is endangering our school children, our seniors and harming our recovering economy.

I am 78 and have been fully vaccinated since March, but now I am isolating again as I am not sure if store clerks and those using those stores are vaccinated. I ask the people who help with my household repairs whether they are vaccinated and do not use them if they say “no.” I am also limiting my visits with friends. That makes me sad and frustrated.

Thankfully, I am confident Gov. Janet Mills is doing everything she can to protect Maine’s citizens young and old and our economy from COVID-19. Please get vaccinated for our community and economy.

Pam Person


A message for the Taliban

I hope the Taliban leadership will prove the cynics wrong.

I look forward to seeing, a year from now, how comprehensively they have kept  their promises of welcoming women into government, protecting girls’ schools, granting amnesty, avoiding reprisals, and governing a country that is not a haven for terrorism.

They can show the world that it is possible to have an Islamic state that is respected by the open-minded people of the world.

David Grinstein


Read Question 1

I just watched the commercial for the vote No on Question 1 coming up in November for about the 100th time. I would like BDN readers to go to the  Maine Secretary of State’s website where it shows the wording for Question 1.

I do not believe there is any mention of infrastructure, road repair or loss of jobs due to voting Yes on Question 1. Thanks and I hope people will take the time to read the question the way it is written.

Carol McCarron