Hampden Academy (1-0) def. Lewiston (0-1) 25-8, 25-11, 25-15

Hampden Academy hosted Lewiston High School for its home opener Saturday and defeated Lewiston 3-0.

It was the first match in school history for Lewiston, and the second varsity season for Hampden.

For Hampden, Lydia Tracy had serve attempts and 2 aces, 7 attacks and 2 kills; Marion Glinski had 12 serve attempts and 6 aces; 6 attacks and 3 kills; and Katie Armstrong had 12 serve attempts and 5 aces, 17 ball handling attempts and 5 assists.

Hampden’s first home game was at Brewer High School because the floor at Hampden Academy is currently being repainted and finished.