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Think about the patients

As a registered nurse and teacher of nursing students, I cannot understand why some medical personnel  refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine as required here in Maine. The vaccine not only greatly reduces your risk of contracting or dying from COVID, but it protects your patients from getting the disease from you!

As a person who is taking care of many medically compromised people, medical workers have a responsibility to do what is best for them. Their personal “rights” do not supersede their patient’s right to be cared for without unnecessary exposure to COVID.

If they choose to continue to refuse to be vaccinated, they should please ask to work exclusively with COVID patients and avoid all contact with those who have not been diagnosed as having COVID. Their other option would be to unselfishly get the vaccine and put their patients first.

Kimberly Nadel


Does the government follow the science?

Why I don’t trust the government on COVID-19: They say to me that they “follow the science,” but do they follow the science? The science said last year that children were in much less danger from COVID-19. The science said that children aren’t good transmitters of COVID-19.

The people, who follow the science, closed many schools including schools in the inner city. They said it was to protect the children. The same children that were behind in math, science and reading. Why would we close school for Black and Brown children for a year and half? This can set back Black and Brown students for life.

I am told to follow the science. If I believe the science, I must conclude that an injustice has been committed. I worry the Brown and Black children will never be able to recover. Who was behind keeping the schools closed? Is this part of the systemic racism that our leaders speak about? Is this critical race theory in action? The very thing the people who closed the schools say they would like to change, they reinforced through their actions upon the minorities.

Bob Pruitt


We need climate action now

Thank you to the BDN Editorial Board for their lucid assessment (Sept. 7) of the climate situation — that the multiplying disasters that are happening here and across the globe are related to climate change. Unfortunately, because of our inaction over many decades, we have put ourselves in a position where we can’t stop climate change. We can try to shore up our defenses and we must enact bold measures to slow it down.

The editors clearly state in their conclusion that the way to slow it down is by putting a price on carbon. I applaud their conclusion and emphasize that pricing carbon is a solution that will cut emissions quickly, and when combined with a border tariff it will protect U.S. businesses. When combined with a “cash back” dividend, U.S. citizens, particularly the low- and middle-income ones, will also be assisted. Such a policy will also help accelerate the necessary transition to renewable energy and promote creation of millions of new jobs.

Finally, I will add that a policy with all of these provisions is now being considered in Congress as part of the budget reconciliation process. Time is of the essence. To show support for this essential climate action now, people can contact the white House through cclusa.org/white-house. This is our best chance to take action to enact realistic, fair, effective climate legislation.

Bonnie Sammons