A driver experiencing a medical emergency crashed through the fence at the Kenduskeag Village Cemetery on Sept. 10 and knocked over 18 headstones. Credit: Courtesy of the Town of Kenduskeag

The town of Kenduskeag is awaiting an insurance adjuster’s assessment before it moves ahead with repairs at the Kenduskeag Village Cemetery following a Sept. 10 car crash.

A motorist who was suffering a medical emergency crashed through the cemetery’s fence on Kenduskeag Levant Road and knocked over 18 headstones, said Laurie Cookson of the Kenduskeag Cemetery Association.

“Some stones may be able to be repaired but it looks like most might have to be replaced,” she said. 

The insurance company will need to make estimates as to how much it will cost to repair or replace the gravestones, as well as assess damage to part of the cemetery’s fence and other landscaping damage, said Sandy Preston, Kenduskeag’s town clerk.

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Lia Russell

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