New metal towers stand on land cleared on an existing Central Maine Power power line corridor on April 26, 2021, near Bingham.  Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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Maine’s energy costs are some of the highest in the country. So why are some people trying to stop projects that would help lower energy bills for consumers in every corner of the state?

I’ve heard that the hydropower corridor can save families over $100 on their annual energy bills and make us less reliant on expensive oil and gas. It would deliver us power by using hydroelectricity, which is a much more efficient and reliable source of energy.

But opponents of the corridor are trying to stop its construction by adding a question to the November ballot. If this question is passed, I believe it will hurt our economy and raise energy bills for Maine’s families. The last thing we should be doing at a time like now is keeping energy costs high because special interests want to stop a project that could give us clean energy for cheap.

Question 1 restricts Maine’s opportunity to expand the infrastructure we need to lower energy costs. I hope all Mainers say no to Question 1 this November.

Chris Swift