Heavy machinery is used to cut trees to widen an existing Central Maine Power power line corridor to make way for new utility poles, Monday, April 26, 2021, near Bingham.  Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Supporters of Question 1 want us to believe it is all about the Central Maine Power corridor, yet there is a retroactively clause combined with it. Why is that? Why not vote to simply ban the CMP corridor and be done with it? Supporters apparently don’t want us to focus on the retroactively clause, saying the Legislature  already has the power to retroactively go back and change things that were legal at the time. Again, if that is the case then why is the retroactively clause part of the ballot question?

Construction on the CMP corridor has already begun. I personally don’t approve of it for various reasons, but not because it will mar the landscape. The power line is going through a commercial forest that has seen logging activity, including clear-cuts, for a long time! CMP has gone through the approval process and they should be allowed to continue. The time to block the CMP corridor has passed.

How would people like it if they had all of the necessary permits to build a multi-million dollar house and then seven years later those permits are deemed invalid? They’d be required to tear down their house and restore the land to the way it was before they started! I worry the passage of Question 1 could make a scenario like this much more likely.

The retroactively clause in Question 1 is bad for Maine business. Vote no.

William Barker

Fort Fairfield

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