The exterior of one of the operations buildings of Columbia Forest Products in Presque Isle on Oct. 13. Credit: Paula Brewer / The Star-Herald

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Columbia Forest Products at 395 Missile St., along with Presque Isle Middle School and a number of businesses went into lockdown Wednesday following the sighting of a man with a rifle or shotgun walking in the area.

The Presque Isle Police Department called Presque Isle Middle School at 11:39 a.m., informing it of the situation. The school, as well as some local businesses, went into a voluntary lockdown as an extra safety precaution.

“Someone heard the call made from the police scanner that someone had been spotted over on Edgemont Drive with a gun. We didn’t make a call from here, but after hearing that the middle school and [Northern Maine Community College] went into lockdown, so did we,” Kevin Paradis, who works at Columbia Forest Products, said.

The man has been reported as likely being a bird hunter in the area, but that has not been confirmed.

The voluntary lockdown remained in effect mid-afternoon. The identity of the man, as well as the details of the gun, were still unknown.

The Presque Isle Police Department is looking for the person, and urges residents and business owners to be cautious and safe. The department did not provide an estimated time that the precautionary lockdown could be lifted.

David DiMinno

David grew up in New York, and moved to Maine to study political science at the University of Maine. In his spare time, he loves hiking, playing tennis and skiing.