In this Aug. 13, 2020, file photo, Joshua Passe clears the way with a small tractor for a crew to harvest purple carrots at the organic Indian Line Farm in Egremont, Massachusetts. Credit: Ben Garver / The Berkshire Eagle via AP

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I am almost 19 and a new voter, and I would like to show my support for the right to food constitutional amendment that Mainers will be voting on this November in  Question 3. This amendment is just as important as many of the prominent human rights laws in our country’s constitution; everyone has a right to produce or buy healthy, local and sustainably grown food.

I have read Question 3, and I think it is clearly worded and makes total sense. This amendment would be a good thing for Maine, and passing it will encourage more people to start buying from local growers and producing their own food. By voting “yes,” we’re saying “no” to commercial and factory meat and dairy farms, which I believe practice animal cruelty and feed us less-than-edible food at the expense of our health.

Question 3 protects the freedom for homesteaders, gardeners, foragers and noncommercial farmers to grow and harvest their own food. The laws need to support them. Politicians need to support them. Who needs corporations? We need food.

The right to food is natural, inherent and unalienable. Who can disagree? We all need to eat, and we all need to be able to choose from where our sustenance comes. This movement is as grass-roots as it can be, founded and brought to fruition by small farmers who care for and feed their communities. So be a force for good, and vote “yes” on Question 3. I certainly will.

Sunniva Brady


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