This black bear appears to be hanging laundry at the home of Al and Nancy Larson in Orono. Credit: Courtesy of Al Larson

Maine black bears have been known to visit people’s yards in search of food, especially during the spring and early summer when natural foods are in short supply.

That can lead to some destructive behavior, including tearing down and dragging off bird feeders, knocking over barbecue grills and getting into the trash.

Today’s photo offering may show the most helpful bear you have ever seen. Rather than engaging in any of the aforementioned behaviors, this one is checking out the clothesline.

Al Larson of Orono provided the photo from earlier this year, which appears to show a young bear helping out by hanging (or taking down) the laundry in his backyard.

Larson joked that the bear could at least have completed the job it started.

“He is pretty good at hanging the laundry, but hasn’t figured out the folding yet,” Larson said.

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Pete Warner

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