In this Sept. 26, 2019, file photo, vegetables are seen at a food distribution center. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

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Question 3, which involves “an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Establish a Right to Food,” sounds like a charitable program to end hunger and food insecurity in Maine. I believe that title is false and misleading: it has nothing to do with guaranteeing food for hungry Mainers, or the estimated 1 in 6 Maine children who are food insecure.

The real “right to food” movement is part of a United Nations covenant to end hunger. Billions of people worldwide are undernourished or face stunted growth and intellectual development because of missing micronutrients.

Question 3 is about protection from regulations governing farming, growing crops and raising and slaughtering livestock (and possibly hunting and fishing). In my opinion, none of these food sources are under any form of attack here. As Republican House Minority Leader Kathleen Dillingham said, “This language is so broad we will be placing these challenges in the hands of the courts to interpret intent.”

We have to remember, some regulations are good, for people, animals and the land. Tellingly, Question 3 is opposed by the Maine Farm Bureau, the Maine Municipal Association, the Maine Potato Board and the Maine Veterinary Medical Association among many others. Vote no on Question 3.

John Picone


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