In this Tuesday, May 28, 2019 photo a homemade sign is posted on a telephone pole in protest of Central Maine Power's controversial hydropower transmission corridor in Jackman. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

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There just seems to be no end to the depths to which Central Maine Power or its allies will sink to try to convince Mainers to buy into their unpopular power corridor project, which I believe is little more than an extension cord for Massachusetts where CMP and Hydro-Quebec stand to make tons of money with minimal benefits for Mainers. Their deceptive ads and tactics just go on and on.

Now a CMP-related political action committee calling itself “Mainers For Fair Laws” is putting out mailers saying that voting yes on Question 1 to stop the CMP power corridor will somehow be a threat to gun ownership. Seriously? My goodness, what complete and utter nonsense. This is patently false, and this CMP-related PAC should be ashamed.

This tells me, yet again, all I need to know about CMP and their allies. I think their statements and ads are very deceptive, and that they can not be trusted. CMP is the worst-rated utility for customer service. It is little wonder that they would run such a deceptive campaign.

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Director David Trahan has stated that SAM members voted four to one in last year’s member survey in opposition to the CMP corridor. I am a hunter myself, and Maine’s hunters and outdoorsmen and women know the truth about CMP and their bad power project. We will not be deceived.

Please do not be fooled by CMP nor any of its associated political action committees. Vote yes on Question 1 to ban the CMP corridor.

Ron Bilancia


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