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First I would like to agree with John Picone’s letter that “a right to food” is very different from the actual wording of a right to raise food. At first, I wondered where there was a problem that this referendum was intended to fix, then I realized that as written it opens a Pandora’s box of problems.  

First, it says “all individuals,” not all landowners. There are a significant number of individuals in Maine that do not own land. Who or what will provide the required land to raise their food?  

Second, it reads “of their own choosing.” That choice can be either animal or vegetable. What if that choice is a cow with the resulting manure piling up with an odor extending through the neighborhood? Can a shelter be required? Can the town restrict where the shelter can be built?  Can the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals remove animals that are not properly cared for?  

The list of questions and problems goes on. In short, I see many problems and no benefit.


Fred Otto


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