PORTLAND — The Diocese of Portland’s Office of the Tribunal will lead presentations and discussions on the annulment process in the Catholic Church in both Augusta and Portland this November.

The events will be held at St. Augustine Church, located on 24 Washington Street in Augusta, on Tuesday, Nov. 16, at 6:30 p.m., and at St. Pius X Church, located on 492 Ocean Avenue in Portland, on Tuesday, Nov. 30, at 6:30 p.m.

All are welcome at the gatherings which will cover the annulment process in place in the diocese, including the changes to the annulment process implemented by Pope Francis in 2015. The procedures compress the process by which an annulment might be granted, but do not alter the Church’s rich teaching on Christian marriage.

The Office of the Tribunal is part of the Department of Canonical Services in the Diocese of Portland and handles cases and trials that are subject to the Catholic Church’s canon law, which is the code of ecclesiastical laws governing the Church. Among the responsibilities of the tribunal staff is examining petitions for marriage nullity/dissolution.

As the judicial arm of the bishop, the Tribunal cooperates in his ministry, namely, “the salvation of souls, which must always be the supreme law of the Church” (canon 1752) and seeks justice, the protections of rights, and the clarification of obligations for all who approach it. The procedures utilized by the Tribunal are grounded in canon law, Scripture, and the authentic teaching of the Church. While the process is judicial, it is the commitment of Tribunal personnel to demonstrate a pastoral attitude and regard for those who submit cases for adjudication.

There will be a “question and answer” period and an opportunity to speak privately to a canonist at both gatherings in November. If you should have any questions about the process or if you need assistance, contact the Tribunal at 207-773-6471 or tribunal@portlanddiocese.org, or visit www.portlanddiocese.org/marriage/canonical-services.