In this Aug. 31, 2021, file photo, yellow school buses drop off students at the George B. Weatherbee School in Hampden. Credit: Lia Russell / BDN

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Elected public office is one of the crucial pillars of our representative democracy. Recent behavior across the nation continues to demonstrate the exhausting and thankless components of this pillar, especially as it relates to serving on a public school board. The desire of individuals to serve on a school board these days creates the visual of walking into a literal fire storm of slander complete with burning coals being hurled at them from multiple directions.

I commend the brave individuals who are seeking out this public service with the true intention of instilling change and modeling rational decision making for the improvement and sustainability of our schools. Individuals who commit to keeping up with the demands of an integrated and 21st century world. Individuals who work with a collaborative board to make and enforce equitable and inclusive education policy that supports public education creating the next generation of thinkers and engaged citizens.

The public commentary at a recent RSU 22 board of directors meeting highlights the need for Hampden voters to participate in early voting or to vote in person on Nov. 2. A vote for Faye Anderson, Jessica Barnes, Lester French and Colleen Jolley will ensure that RSU 22 will gain hard working and engaged individuals who will put education first, promote the importance of diverse perspectives, allow integrity to be their guide, utilize innovative problem solving and maintain civility in our towns. Hampden voters have the power to reinvigorate the RSU 22 board of directors.

Lucy Parsons


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