This Feb. 24, 2021, file photo shows an emergency room sign outside Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California. Credit: Ashley Landis / AP

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One of the most challenging problems in our community, state and country is access to affordable health care. An astounding two-thirds of all bankruptcies are a result of medical debt and this statistic includes people with health insurance. Fear of medical debt is a primary reason for not seeking medical attention in a timely manner. To address this urgent problem, Maine Healthcare Action is working to get a referendum on the Nover 2022 ballot requiring the Maine Legislature to draft publicly funded, comprehensive health care legislation covering all Mainers.

If passed, the Legislature would be required to implement the legislation by 2024. We must get 63,000 signatures to get this referendum on the ballot in 2022 and voter participation is essential.

On Election Day, volunteers will be collecting signatures at the polls to get this referendum on the 2022 ballot. Please look for our volunteers on Election Day, sign the petition and be part of a movement to improve life for all Mainers. We have an opportunity to set an example for the entire country and make universal health care a reality.

Go to for more information or make a donation. We can do this.

Alex Newell Taylor

Southwest Harbor

Linda Robinson

Bar Harbor

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