Versant Power truck. Credit: Nina Mahaleris / BDN

Versant Power’s residential customers will see their electric bills rise by about $5.50 per month under a rate increase that took effect Monday.

The typical residential customer in the company’s Bangor Hydro District will see monthly bills rise to $91.73 for those paying for the standard offer. The company’s typical Maine Public District customers will pay $79.39 per month for 500 kilowatt hours.

The higher electric bills are part of an overall 17.5 percent rate increase for Versant Power approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission. The company submitted a proposal to raise rates last January — its first rate hike request since Calgary, Alberta-based ENMAX took over the utility that serves most of northern and eastern Maine in 2020.

The utility said the rate increase will help pay for its response to storms, tree trimming and removal near power lines, and other investments to improve the company’s service reliability and the speed with which power is restored after outages.

The increase only applies to the distribution component of customers’ bills, not the price of the electricity supply.

Lia Russell

Lia Russell is a reporter on the city desk for the Bangor Daily News. Send tips to