The Cape Elizabeth Town Council listened to residents Monday night about a proposed affordable housing development. Credit: CBS 13

The Cape Elizabeth Town Council listened to residents Monday night about amending an economic development TIF to be used for an affordable housing development project in the town center.

“The expenses that you already incurred, that we the taxpayers have already incurred, in pushing this project through, why would you not table it [the TIF vote]?” Cape Elizabeth resident Cynthia Dill, said during the council meeting. “So please, the right thing to do, the recommendation from a nonpartisan staff, would be to table it. There’s going to be a referendum.”

The council voted unanimously to table any decision indefinitely. Of the seven councilors, four said they favored the TIF, but didn’t like the optics of voting quite yet.

The affordable housing development, called the Dunham Court Apartment Project, would be in a lot located behind town hall on Ocean Hill Road. The development would be made of 46 units, and 36 of those would be at an affordable cost.

Residents against the development said they are concerned about the traffic and parking it would bring.

Maureen Clancy, the co-chair of Cape Citizens for Affordable Housing, said otherwise. She said those residents are fearful and don’t understand who would benefit from this development.

“People in our town need this, our seniors need this, our single mothers of children need this, these are the groups that we are gaining, we are losing married families with children,” Clancy said.

One of the concerns brought up in the meeting Monday night was a false claim that the developer of the affordable homes is not from Cape Elizabeth.

Developer Robert Monk lives in Cape Elizabeth and has for his whole life, according to Cape Citizens for Affordable Housing.

He is also a patron in the Szanton Co., which specializes in developing mixed-income rental housing throughout Maine.