In this 2020 photo, two deer stand alert in the tall grass. A study of white-tailed deer in Iowa has found that 80 percent of the animals have COVID-19 and probably contracted it somehow from humans. Credit: Courtesy of Melissa Huang

It appears as though it has been a successful early part of the deer hunting season for many Bangor Daily News readers.

Today, we’re sharing some photos of hunters with their harvests.

The brother duo of Brayden Larrabee and Alex Larrabee of Deer Isle both filled their tags.

Brayden Larrabee, 10, shot a doe using his crossbow that was 116 pounds, live weight.

Alex Larrabee, 9, of Deer Isle poses for a Maine hunting photo if ever there was one. He’s shown with his 91-pound spike horn and lobster pots in the background; Brayden Larrabee, 10, of Deer Isle shot this spikehorn recently using a crossbow. It was 116 pounds, live weight. Credit: Courtesy of Melinda Larrabee

Not to be outdone, 9-year-old Alex Larrabee is shown with the 91-pound spikehorn he harvested with his rifle. Alex also cashed in on an any-deer bonus permit by taking a 90-pound doe using a crossbow.

Logan Grant of Thorndike filled two tags with back-to-back shots.

A group of three deer came into view, providing Grant with the opportunity to attempt shooting two of them as she had an any-deer permit and a bonus any-deer tag.

Logan Grant enjoyed a 2-for-1 hunting excursion recently in Thorndike. She successfully harvested a button buck and a doe. Credit: Courtesy of Tanner Grant

Grant fired twice but, after not finding one of them initially, feared she must have missed on the first shot.

Two hours later her husband, Tanner Grant, located the deer that had been unaccounted for.

It was one day and done for Darcy Michaud of Pittsfield this season.

Darcy Michaud of Pittsfield stands with the 125-pound crotch horn deer she shot on Oct. 30 in St. Albans. Credit: Courtesy of Darcy Michaud

She’s standing over the 125-pound crotch horn deer she shot on Oct. 30 in St. Albans.

Mikey Clough of Ellsworth took care of business during opening week. The 9-year-old bagged his second career deer when he tagged out with a doe.

Mikey Clough, 9, of Ellsworth shot this doe during the first week of firearms season. Credit: Courtesy of Michael Clough

Send your deer photos to Please include your name and hometown, the deer’s weight and, for bucks, any pertinent antler details such as number of points or spread measurements.

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