Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen arrives for a hearing with a panel of French lawmakers entitled "Commission des Lois" at the National Assembly, in Paris, France, Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021. Credit: Francois Mori / AP

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COVID has taken a turn for the worse ever since it has been in the U.S. This pandemic has brought out a range of emotions from all different kinds of people. Specifically the act of freedom of speech. People think that because they’re told to wear a mask by others that they’re allowed to bring up the law of free speech. This is a fair argument, but we’ve seen that it doesn’t tend to get anywhere.

People also have a tendency to follow the news that makes its way to social media. I’m one of those people, but I try not to base all of my arguing information from those posts. If I want to read more about a headline I saw on Twitter, I’ll Google it, so I can find an actual source.

A June opinion piece in the New York Post said Facebook has been the lead source of false information that people follow. With COVID, people are constantly looking at their posts. Facebook has “denied readers information about a serious theory whose exploration might have led to a reduced number of deaths and infections,” Michael Barone said in that New York Post piece.  

I believe that people have the right to argue because this is against the law. Facebook shouldn’t deny these readers if it meant it could’ve been saving the lives of others. Since they’re a big company with enough financial resources though, they’re allowed to do anything.

Therefore, what else can we as a society do to stop things like this from happening on social media again?

Cassandra Lucci