Cars gets ready to start a preliminary heat for the Firecracker 200 at Spud Speedway in Caribou on July 3, 2018. Credit: Kevin Sjoberg / BDN

Though it was originally included on the Pro All Stars series 2020 schedule, Spud Speedway had to relinquish the date due to COVID-19 with crowd size limits of 200.

Few members of the large crowd watching DJ Shaw win the 2019 Firecracker 200 would in their wildest dreams imagine that the racing world would be joining every other entertainment venue with limited business — or none at all — due to the ongoing pandemic.

Besides the limited crowd sizes, another concern for the racetrack located only 11 miles from the U.S.-Canadian border was the shutdown in cross border travel. Canadian fans usually consist of 30-35 percent of the crowd at special races at the Caribou track, according to track owner Troy Haney. Without the fans from Canada, any event at the track needs to be closely scrutinized since in the end the track needs to make money to stay alive and viable.

With these concerns in mind, conversations with PASS officials resulted in acquiring a date for the Super Late Models and PASS Modifieds. When racing returns to Spud Speedway on June 19 a new name will accompany the event: Feed the County 150.

The new name fits one of the core values of track owner Haney who wants to host races and contribute to the solution for hunger in The County. Thousands of dollars from past shows have helped Catholic Charities Maine feed The County.

With a renewal of racing at the Caribou track, allow me to place a bunch of ideas out before the readers, none of which are currently part of the show. I repeat these are my dreams only and do not reflect track management.

Will County favorites Shawn Martin, Austin Theriault and Kirk Thibeau race at their “home” track? Will PASS superstar Derek Griffith in the 12G come back to defend his 2018 win? PASS 2021 champion Johnny Clark coming back to The County as the first PASS race would add another dimension to the race.

Will the Canadian contingent who race in the Maritimes Pro Series make the race, marking the first time some will race in the U.S. for a couple seasons? Love to see Ryan Messer Motorsports or Harvey, New Brunswick, make his debut in a super late model at the Caribou track where he last raced and won in a Maritimes Modified.

The race will include the return of the PASS Modifieds, which some fans said was their favorite race at the last appearance at Spud Speedway. Names like the young guns Garrett Lamb, Brandon Varney and Ajay Cates will soon be familiar to the average fan as they work their way up the ladder in the modified class. Veteran Shawn Knight will be in last year’s champion Max Cookson’s car, which makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Other events are being considered for 2022. Stay tuned.

Tom Hale, Up North Motorsports

Tom Hale of Westmanland is a Bangor Daily News motorsports contributor and the author of UpNorth Motorsports. His columns highlight numerous aspects of the people involved in car building, auto racing...