Roland Bourre of Orland was busy deer hunting in Newburgh on Nov. 9, but that didn’t stop him from taking care of some family business.

“It was my brother’s birthday, so I sent a text to him wishing him a happy birthday and that I was currently hunting from my tree stand,” Bourre said.

Mike Bourre appreciated the thought.

Roland Bourre Credit: Courtesy of Roland Bourre

“He replied, ‘Thanks, the deer is just around the corner,’” said Roland Bourre, who was then in for a big surprise.

“As I read his reply, the deer came into sight,” Roland Bourre said of the 120-pound, six-point buck that he shot.

Mike later told Roland, “Bet you didn’t know I was psychic.”

Masen Michaud of Bremen has a memorable story to tell about his first deer.

Masen Michaud Credit: Courtesy of Erin Michaud

The 9-year-old used a combination of deer grunts to call in a 197-pound, 10- point buck.

Credit: Courtesy of Joe Dacey

Joe Dacey of Windham was pleased to report that he harvested his first deer. He shot his doe at 11 a.m. on Nov. 9 in his hometown.

Credit: Courtesy of Toni Godin

Joey Godin shot an eight-point buck that weighed 165 pounds while hunting in Skowhegan on Nov. 12.

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