University of Maine wide receivers Andre Miller (left) and Devin Young have become a powerful offensive duo for the team. Credit: Larry Mahoney / BDN

ORONO, Maine — One is 6-foot-3, 220 pounds and is from Old Town.

The other is 5-10, 185 pounds and is from Binghamton, New York.

They are the University of Maine’s wide receiver tandem of Andre Miller and Devin Young, respectively, and they have given opponents fits. Entering Saturday’s season-ending game at New Hampshire, the duo has teamed up for 82 catches for 1,103 yards and five touchdowns this season.

Young, a senior, has caught 51 passes for 555 yards and three TDs and Miller has snared 31 passes for 548 yards and a pair of TDs. Miller, a graduate student, has missed the last two games with a hamstring issue but will be back to play the final game of his career on Saturday.

Young is tied for third in the Colonial Athletic Association in receptions and Miller is fifth in receiving yards per game (68.5).

“It still hasn’t sunk in yet,” said Miller, who was an All-Colonial Athletic Association first team wide receiver this spring. “It’s crazy. It feels like I just got here. Time flies.”

Miller will come into the game with 96 career catches at UMaine for 1,712 yards and 11 TDs. The 1,712 receiving yards is 14th most in the history of the program. Young, who has a year left, has caught 125 passes for 1,369 yards and eight touchdowns.

Young is 18th in career receiving yards.

They are different types of receivers and that’s ideal for UMaine head coach Nick Charlton.

“We want guys to do things differently. If you have a million of the same type of guy, that kind of handcuffs what you can do,” Charlton said. “Dre and Dev are a big part of our offense and what we do. They have both been very productive.”

Miller and Young know the offense inside and out, and that each has unique strengths, UMaine junior quarterback Joe Fagnano said.

“Dre is more of a downfield guy. I throw the ball downfield and Dre goes up and gets it. Dev is quick and shifty in his routes,” Fagnano said.

“Dre leads the team better than anyone I’ve ever seen. The guys look up to him and when he makes a play, everyone wants to make a play. Dev gets 10 to 15 touches a game and he can make plays. He’s the spark we need.”

Young has returned 24 kickoffs for 623 yards this season and his 1,186 all-purpose yards are good for second best in the conference.

“I’m never satisfied. I always feel I can do better,” Young said. “I’m okay with where I’m at but I’m always looking to be better. The best thing is I’m getting better.”

The two enjoy playing together and said they often compare notes to help each other get open.

They feel they complement each other well.

“They can’t really guard the both of us at the same time,” Young said. “They have to pick their poison. If they focus on one of us, that frees the other one up. It’s good having him over there and I know he appreciates having me over here.”

Miller agreed, adding that the two pick up things from each other to add to their skill sets.

“Communication is huge. We’re always saying ‘How did you beat that guy? What did you do to get around him?” Miller said. “At the same time, we’re not the same kind of receivers so what he does may not work for me.”

The duo’s effectiveness in the passing game has also opened up the running game for the offense, UMaine senior center Mike Gerace said.

“Dev is very explosive. He makes big plays. And I haven’t seen a cornerback in the CAA who can stop Dre. He jumps over them, even the James Madison corners,” Gerace said.