ORONO — University of Maine benefactor and artist Dr. Cheryl Coffin has donated nine of her works of art, with proceeds from their sale to benefit UMaine’s Fogler Library. 

The Surry resident is professor emeritus of pathology, microbiology and immunology at Vanderbilt University, and recent graduate of UMaine’s studio art program. Coffin, who received a medical degree from the University of Vermont, has a unique perspective that influences her work. The nine artworks, which were recently on exhibit in Fogler Library, include varied media: watercolor and acrylic paintings, gel monoprints, and mixed media works in a variety of sizes. 

Coffin’s artist statement describes her work: “The visual memory from decades of artistic exploration, medical study and pathology practice manifests both consciously and unintentionally in my work. The landscape, seascape, aerial topographic views, nature, and biological images are deeply meaningful sources of inspiration and ongoing fascination. Unifying themes include consilience, flux, the passage of time, and my love for particular places.” 

“We are delighted to have this gift benefit the Fogler Library in so many ways. First, we had an opportunity to use the art for an exhibit in the library for a year. Now the library will benefit from the proceeds of the sale. We are very grateful,” says Fogler Library dean Joyce Rumery. 

The auction is being hosted on Ebay until Nov. 28.  It can be found at https://ebay.to/3CuKmmC

“I continue to explore the concepts and development of my skills and visual language through ongoing experimentation in my own drawing, painting and printmaking, and study of work by other artists. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to share the results of this exploration more broadly by showing my work,” says Coffin. “I am also happy to donate the proceeds to support another area of great interest to me, a library.“ 

Coffin also serves UMaine as a member of the Board of Visitors, the Museum of Art Alliance at the Zillman Art Museum, and the Institute of Medicine External Advisory Committee.

Raymond H. Fogler Library at the University of Maine is the largest research library in the state, supporting the faculty, students and staff, as well as state residents.

The current collection includes approximately 3.6 million print volumes, including government documents, as well as 1.6 million microforms. The library provides access to more than 615,000 e-books, 104,000 online serials, 380 online databases and 154,000 media titles.

Fogler Library is the regional depository for federal government publications, and an official depository for Canadian federal and Maine state government publications. The library also is the designated State Research Library for Business, Science, and Technology, and is the only Patent and Trademark Resource Center in Maine.