In this April 27, 2019, file photo, Rep. Jared Golden, a Democrat from Maine's 2nd District, speaks in Bath. Credit: David Sharp / AP

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After Rep. Jared Golden’s no vote on the Build Back Better plan, I’m apparently supposed to be heartened by his willingness to continue to work hard for the changes he’d like to see in it. But if everyone had voted no then the bill would have died. This is trying to have your cake and eat it too. 

I admit to being an activist Democrat, which is why I’m writing this letter. Golden has complained that “activists just don’t care about the details of the bill. This is untrue. We just fundamentally disagree about what it means to actually be bipartisan and make an agreement that does not include everything you want. 

Further I think Golden misses the big picture. The Build Back Better bill is the plan to restore the middle class, which I believe is our democracy’s only hope to subvert political instability. 

Perhaps Golden should step back and read about the rise of authoritarian governments in light of our current events.

Melissa Berky