Lucas Sirois exits the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building in Bangor after his first court appearance on charges related to an alleged conspiracy to use medical marijuana grow houses in western Maine to illegally sell $13 million of the drug in and out of Maine. Credit: Sawyer Loftus / AP

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As a local public servant and paramedic for 14 years, I have had the opportunity to know Luke Sirois as a friend and member of our community. I am not employed by Sirois and speak in my own words about his character.

In regard to the  current legal allegations, I think the claims made against a man who has proven himself to be a dedicated and selfless member of our community are the epitome of ridiculousness. Given the recent overreach of our government in all areas of American life, it sadly comes as no surprise to me that a biased attack on a local, successful purveyor of natural medicine would be launched.

The accomplishments achieved by Sirois’ business endeavors have been beneficial not only for the local economy and community members who have gained employment, but also for countless individuals who have gained the ability to naturally treat themselves with plant medicine after being failed by western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. If you don’t want to listen to me, read this article:

Caregivers around the world are starting to speak about what they have learned and what it could mean for the caregiver community. I stand by Luke Sirois and what he has done for our local community, economy, citizens and patients.

Corey Bonnevie