Signs in favor and agains the Central Maine Power corridor are on display. Credit: Fred Bever / Maine Public

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Let me hear the loons…

Once again we frustratingly experienced the “most expensive” referendum campaign in Maine history. I have a suggestion: tax campaign advertising 25 percent and call it: “a tax for pencils” to donate supplies to our teachers and schools or “a tax for our homeless veterans.”

Copious amounts of money are spent here in Maine and around the United States on swaying votes by wealthy “outside influencers,” which in turn becomes very costly to Mainers to combat this “outside influence.”

Let’s tax this effort and put the money to better use.

Finally, I support Mainers taking control of our energy supply and distribution to Mainers. It is and always has been run by Mainers and managed by Mainers. Let’s own it and take better control of it to protect our future.

Now, can I listen to the loons in peace … today and everyday.

Joseph Sleeper II