In this Nov. 19, 2021, file photo, Kyle Rittenhouse is comforted by his lawyer as he was acquitted of all charges at the Kenosha County Courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Just to have a chance to write my opinion is all I ask for at this time. It isn’t often that I take the chance to write one, so I will try to do my best in giving mine. I recently read a few opinions on Kyle Rittenhouse, many were positive others persisted in negative ones. The latest was from the BDN editorial board, saying Rittenhouse was and is not a “hero.”

Sad as what happened is in the deaths of people, so is the handling of the case against Rittenhouse, then a 17-year-old man who I believe was wrongly charged with murder. A strong jury with great courage found the truth through unfailing stamina and pronounced Rittenhouse “not guilty,” the real truthful decision.

A hero? Isn’t that what we call soldiers in combat defending the country, meaning people? He stood up to help and defend against the rioters who had burned part of the city and at only 17 years of age had fortitude to help knowing the danger in doing so, in which the rioters attacked him. I ask, who was to stop the rioting when law enforcement was told to stand down?

A hero? Yes, indeed, in that he had the right to carry and the right to defend himself, which he did. Thank God he survived this terrible ordeal. How many of us would have the fortitude to do what he did? This is the kind of hero that we need to bring this country back from the brink of total collapse. Thank you to Rittenhouse. He is my hero and God bless.

Jean-Rene Long