Bangor Daily News readers yesterday committed to supporting accountability journalism, raising an astonishing $22,900 in just 24 hours.

We heard from 250 supporters over the course of our Giving Tuesday campaign. We are humbled by your support and are inspired by your faith in us.

The financial and technological headwinds that threaten local, fact-based journalism and the consequences for communities that lose their local newspapers are well documented. But as a proud locally owned news source, we are working hard to evolve and adapt. Increasingly, this means looking to our readers, who understand that local journalism is vital civic infrastructure, critical to a healthy democracy and thriving communities.

The funds raised this week will allow us to sustain our commitment to accountability journalism for Maine, such as paying for public documents and covering the costs of driving all over this vast state to do crucial on-the-ground reporting. It means we can continue to follow the facts where they lead us and ask hard questions on your behalf.

If you would like to contribute to our year-end campaign, it’s not too late to add your support. Just visit We adhere to guidelines that govern how we interact with our funders and donors.

Donations, subscriptions and advertising combined make it possible to fulfill our mission of bringing Maine together through strong local journalism.

Dan MacLeod

Dan MacLeod is the managing editor of the Bangor Daily News. He's an Orland native who moved to Portland in 2002 and now lives in Unity. He's been a journalist since 2008, and previously worked for the...