A woman in an doctors uniform holds a poster that reads "Abortion is Healthcare" on Wednesday as abortion rights advocates and anti-abortion protesters demonstrate in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington. Credit: Andrew Harnik / AP

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Am I to understand that, since 1975, Gallup polls document that less than 20 percent of Americans believe a woman’s right to choose an abortion should be banned in all cases. This small, but vocal, minority reports to be defending the right of a fetus, to a life it cannot yet sustain outside the host’s body. Are these the same defenders of a citizen’s right to refuse a mask, or vaccination, during a global pandemic? Are they also the defenders of a citizen’s right to carry weapons designed to kill a life?

I wonder then, regarding a woman’s right to choose, how the rights of fetal tissue superseded the rights of the female host? How did the rights of those refusing a mask or vaccine outweigh the rights of their neighbors, colleagues and family to live their lives without exposure to a deadly disease that has killed more than 750,000 Americans? Or how it is that a citizen’s right to carry a deadly weapon outweighs a living child’s right not to be killed in a classroom, grocery store or nightclub?

Will the same conservative judges deciding whether or not to protect the rights of fetal tissue, over the rights of its host, also recognize the rights the majority of us have to live in the midst of a global pandemic? Or an ongoing epidemic of gun violence? I wonder if this is the conspiracy theory the other 80 percent of us should be talking about?

Steven Kelley