This April 15, 2013, file photo shows the headquarters for National Public Radio on North Capitol Street in Washington. Credit: Charles Dharapak / AP

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During the raging debate about abortion rights, I have been painfully reminded why defunding public radio and public broadcasting is making more and more sense. The lopsided coverage given the abortion issue is so slanted toward choice, that the life of an unborn baby is barely considered.

Instead of trying so hard to defend a woman’s right to end her unborn child’s life, how about balancing that story with how many unborn babies could reach full term if pro-life regulations adopted in at least two southern states are upheld by the Supreme Court? I wish there was a legal way for me to withhold that portion of my tax dollars that support such biased coverage by “public” news agencies.

Please consider that human life begins at conception.

Ernest Carle

Big Lake Township