A bobcat was caught on a Ring home security camera outside of a Franklin home. Credit: Courtesy of Trudy Zornow

Since Bangor Daily News readers love bobcats, today we’re giving you a look at another Maine specimen.

This submission comes to us from Trudy Zornow of Franklin and was captured on a Ring home security camera.

“We see bobcats often in cold winter months and fall because we have poultry which we keep in pens,” Zornow said. “But I have lost a few stragglers, so I put up a security camera to find what’s going on.”

The Zornows’ home, which is surrounded by woods, has a potential culprit when it comes to the unaccounted for fowl.

In the Oct. 5 video clip, the curious bobcat is seen sniffing around the area close to the house in the hope of finding itself a potential meal.

“Bobcats are effective hunters and they prey on a wide variety of animals such as mice, squirrels, snowshoe hares, ruffed grouse, turkeys, beavers and even white-tailed deer,” said Shevenell Webb, furbearer biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Many thanks to Trudy for sending along the bobcat video!

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