A man dressed as the "Build Back Better Bill" wears a sash saying, "on to the Senate," Friday, Nov. 19, 2021, as members of the House including Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., right, leave after voting on the bill on Capitol Hill in Washington. Credit: File photo

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Within days the U.S. Senate could authorize giving $778 billion to the military for our obscenely bloated “defense” budget. This is $25 billion more than President Joe Biden and the Pentagon requested, and that was $13 billion more than even former President Donald Trump requested for the military in his last budget, and more than that of the next 10 militarized nations combined! And it’s four times the size of the Build Back Better bill, which comes to roughly $175 billion in its first year, and (unlike the military bill!) is paid for with new taxes on corporations and wealthy CEOs.

Moreover, the Build Back Better Act contains all sorts of things that Americans need such as childcare, universal pre-K, paid sick leave, college and housing assistance, and measures to battle climate change. What is wrong with our priorities?!

Phil Locke