Demonstrators, asking congress to pass President Joe Biden's "Build Back Better" agenda, block Pennsylvania Avenue on Tuesday during rush hour outside on Capitol Hill in Washington. Credit: Jose Luis Magana / AP

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When I see Build Back Better, I see real potential for Maine job growth. Considering the ongoing pandemic and negative effects of federal policy that favors corporate profits over people, we aren’t out of the woods yet, but at least we have a ray of hope that our state simply cannot afford to waste.

I’m confident the Build Back Better Act’s design will help pull us away from inflation and dramatically reduce costs for Maine families. All while lifting thousands of Maine children out of poverty, reducing the tax burden on lower and middle class families and being paid for by taxing the rich, I’m accepting Build Back Better with open arms. If anything, it could do much more to address the inequities in our economy, but this is far better than the business as usual.

With a focus on union jobs with prevailing wages, Build Back Better plans to create thousands of Maine jobs in home care, child care, early childhood education, affordable housing construction, climate jobs to preserve our treasured environment and much more. We have the opportunity to bring ourselves out and on top of our recovery from COVID-19 and years of bad federal policy.

To the families who are still breaking their backs juggling life and work, you are not alone, and great help can be on the way if our elected officials make us a priority. Build Back Better will invest to eliminate barriers that obstruct our families’ path towards financial comfort, freedom. It’s time for the Senate to step up.

Steven Keaten