A woman lights candles forming a giant cross in memory of coronavirus victims in Germany in Zella-Mehlis, Germany, April 17, 2020. Germany is set to mark 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 this week, passing a somber milestone that several of its neighbors crossed months ago but which some in Western Europe's most populous nation had hoped to avoid. Credit: AP Photo/Jens Meyer, File

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This second Advent for America would resemble the first Advent. The Divine personage ushers in the Kingdom of God to rule and guide the hearts and decisions of humanity. The four themes of the Sundays of Advent before Christmas are hope, peace, love, and joy.

During Advent, we have a heavenly hope, which gives us peace. Peace in our hearts invites us to have love for our fellow people. When we have hope, peace and love, the world knows a contagious joy. Advent is a celebration and a challenge. The world doesn’t change because it’s Advent season. People change the world because Advent is the season in their hearts.

This Sunday, remember the best is yet to come. Messiah (savior) is coming into the world, into our hearts! This is optimistic. This is preachy and seems to be a set up for failure. There is an old Chinese Proverb, often connected to Eleanor Roosevelt, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”. I choose to be a candle lighter. Advent is about lighting candles in an otherwise darkened life. Join me!

James Weathersby