Chase Nash (left) of Newburgh shows off the 10-point, 185-pound buck he shot on Nov. 11 in Dixmont while hunting with his uncle, Tom Hutchinson. Credit: Courtesy of Jim Conley

Chase Nash of Newburgh enjoyed a day to remember on Veterans Day.

Accompanied by his uncle, Tom Hutchinson of Hampden, the 14-year-old went hunting in Dixmont in search of his first deer.

“We used doe scent and a bleat call and, 20 minutes after settling in, this feller came along,” Hutchinson said of the deer pictured. “Chase shot him at 20 yards with a one-shot kill with his .308.”

Nash celebrated the day with a 10-pointer that weighed 185 pounds.

“Chase’s grandfather, Jim Conley of Hampden, arrived on scene to share in the excitement and took the pictures,” Hutchinson said.

Congratulations to Chase on his nice buck!

Our readers have shown tremendous interest in our previous story and photos of piebald deer.

A piebald doe (left) stands next to another deer in this photo from several years ago in Orono. Credit: Courtesy of Michael Murphy

It seems quite a few folks have caught a glimpse of a deer with significant amounts of white fur.

Michael Murphy had the chance to photograph a mostly white deer, albeit several years ago, in Orono. Although some folks feel strongly that a piebald deer because of its unique characteristics, should get a free pass during hunting season, the doe in the accompanying photos didn’t need any such consideration.

This deer was living on and around property owned by the University of Maine on Marsh Island where deer hunting is not permitted.

Murphy’s photos provide a nice look at the animal, which is quite a contrast to the deer next to it. Many thanks to Michael for the submissions!

Send your deer photos or trail camera photos to Please include your name and hometown, the deer’s weight and, for bucks, any pertinent antler details such as number of points or spread measurements.

Pete Warner

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