Sophie Corroon, a sophomore at the University of Washington, poses for a photo on the school's campus Monday, Jan. 25, 2021, in Seattle. Corroon helped work on proposed legislation in her home state of Utah to allow students to take mental health days to lessen stigma and help reduce youth suicide. Credit: Elaine Thompson / AP

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We need to change the stigma that therapy is only for troubled teens who are struggling. I think it’s time for all teens to go to therapy. Not only would it help them be able to sort through their feelings in this time of physical, mental and social changes, but it also teaches important life skills.

Therapy should not just be viewed as a tool for teens who battle with mental health illnesses. Everyone has their own personal problems going on and teens especially have a hard time managing these issues. The American Psychological Association  found that since 2013, teens have reported higher levels of stress than adults. This could be because they struggle to find coping mechanisms and lack problem-solving skills. Therapy can give all teens a time and place to process their emotions and get feedback that can help them achieve a healthier and happier life.

The next step is to make therapy more accessible for teens. Perhaps we can find a way to incorporate therapists into the school system for students whose families cannot afford therapy. We would need to have someone who specializes in therapy rather than the current school counselors who already spend time helping kids navigate through college application tasks. Now is a great time to start this process to get all kids the help they deserve.

Asia Dube