When it comes to what bird reigns supreme in the Maine wilderness, it’s easy to consider the majestic bald eagle, our national bird, as the pre-eminent species.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell the ravens about the supposed pecking order.

That assertion is gleaned from these trail camera videos taken by Keith Dirago of Mainely Wildlife Photography.

Dirago has been blessed with lots of wildlife photo opportunities since retiring in July, when he and his wife of 37 years, Kathrin, moved to Stacyville. That is where this bird showdown occurred.

The camera was placed only about 100 yards off a road, near what proved to be some enticing food for the eagles and ravens.

“Those are some leftover deer scraps that I put out to attract them,” Dirago said. “Mostly I try and photograph the eagles, but any wildlife will do.”

It turns out it was the ravens who stole the show – and attempted to steal the meat — during the video. As a bald eagle tries to enjoy a snack, its competition performs a flanking maneuver of sorts — pecking away at the eagle’s tail feathers.

Ultimately, it appears as though the eagle still may have maintained control of the situation, in spite of the distractions.
Dirago said he and his wife relocated to Stacyville after visiting the area for many years to take photographs.

“Now we enjoy the best westerly view of Mount Katahdin that exists, in my humble opinion, and I get to photograph wildlife daily,” Dirago said. “We are truly blessed to be living in Stacyville!”

Bangor Daily News readers may recall a story earlier this year that featured Dirago’s photos of a mostly white crow he spotted in nearby Patten.

The bird appears to have family in the area.

“Most recently I photographed a crow with white wings in my front yard,” Dirago said. “He’s here almost daily, so hoping to get some really good shots.”

Hopefully we’ll be able to share some of those photos with our readers sometime in the future. Many thanks to Keith for sharing his video and photo!

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