NMCC held a luncheon honoring employee work anniversaries, inviting staff, faculty, and College retirees. Front, from left, are Jessica Bartlett (5 years), Nicole Poulin (10 years), Susan Beahm (15 years), Dottie Martin (10 years), Johna Lovely (20 years), Michelle Collins (5 years), Reuben Caron (5 years), and Christopher Perry (5 years). Back, Charles Kelly (25 years), Eileen McDougal (35 years). Not pictured, Heidi Broad-Smith (15 years), Shelli Good (15 years), Lori Keith (15 years), Courtney Cyr (10 years), Julie Edgecomb-Clark (10 years), and Cheryl Lamoreau (5 years). (Courtesy of NMCC)

PRESQUE ISLE – Sixteen employees with a total of more than 200 years of service to higher  education in Aroostook County were recognized recently at Northern Maine Community  College, for having reached milestones of employment to the College.

Over 70 employees and college retirees gathered in the NMCC gymnasium for a luncheon to  recognize 16 employees, including two faculty members who have dedicated more than 25  years to the College. President Tim Crowley led the recognition event with featured tributes to  each of the honorees by their colleagues. 

“It is events like this that remind us that it’s the people here at NMCC who make the difference  in the lives of our students, and define who we are as a College,” stated Crowley. “Time and  again we hear from students, parents and alumni about how great an impact NM has made in  their lives and the lives of their children. They will often share how individual faculty and staff were instrumental in helping them to achieve their goals and realize their dream. For that I say  thank you!” 

Eileen McDougal, chairperson of the nursing and allied health department, was recognized for 35 years  of services at the College. Charles Kelly, electrical and electronic instructor, was recognized for  25 years of service, and Johna Lovely, student support services counselor, was recognized for 20  years of service.  

Four employees were honored for 15 years of service: Susan Beahm, nursing instructor; Heidi  Broad-Smith, early childhood education instructor; Shelli Good, social sciences instructor; and  Lori Keith, custodial supervisor. 

The 10-year honorees included Courtney Cyr, administrative coordinator for IT and facilities;  Julie Edgecomb-Clark, accountant; Dottie Martin, dean of development and college relations;  and Nicole Poulin, admissions specialist.

Five employees were honored for five years of service: Jessica Bartlett, English and  communications instructor; Reuben Caron, computer networking and cybersecurity instructor;  

Michelle Collins, business administration instructor; Cheryl Lamoreau, assistant director of  financial aid; and Christopher Perry, information system specialist.