The Maine Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Maine) has released two supportive resource guides for families and individuals impacted by mental illness. During a time when mental health needs are high, NAMI Maine remains determined to help those find answers, respect their wisdom, and foster hope.

The Hospital Guide: What Families Need to Know About Mental Health Treatment, is designed to help families and individuals navigate the mental health journey of treatment and recovery. Whether a person is supporting a loved one or this is a return trip to the hospital, NAMI Maine’s guide covers it. From seeking medical care, mental health treatment, to relapse and recovery, this resource provides up-to-date information and helpful support.  

The criminal justice system can be daunting and difficult to understand. The Family Guide to the Criminal Justice System offers guidance to people impacted by mental challenges understand and navigate the criminal justice system. Whether a person is navigating the system personally or supporting a loved one, this guide is here to help. From coping, to understanding one’s rights, to re-entering the community, NAMI Maine’s resource guide extends support and helpful information to Mainers.   

NAMI Maine recognizes the struggles families and individuals carry, especially now, during a time mental health needs are high and the healthcare system is stretched thin. Both resources deliver strong support, to leave those impacted feeling prepared, and remind Mainers they are never alone. Access both resources by visiting: 

As the largest grassroots mental health organization delivering advocacy, education, and support in the state, NAMI Maine is dedicated to building better lives for everyone impacted by behavioral health concerns. Incorporated in 1984, The Maine Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness engages with leaders and community partners at all levels to improve the state’s mental health system through collaboration and education.